Treatment prices

Because we are not profit-oriented, treatment prices are adjusted accordingly. This means that depending on the capacity utilization, our costs, which are then allocated to the treatment costs, will change upwards or downwards.

Therefore, it is difficult to specify a fixed price list.

An approximate clue as follows:

  • Treatment of serious diseases (three to four weeks): approx. € 4,800.00 to € 6,800.00

  • Rehabilitation treatment (three to four weeks): approx. € 4,200.00 to € 6,100.00

The price for a possible companion is always 85.00 € per day.

Treatment should last at least three weeks.

Each patient receives an apartment with direct sea view and enough space for two people.

For low-income patients, thanks to some donations, we have a special fund, so it is often possible for us to offer a treatment from around € 3,500.00. For this purpose, a proof of income or pension certificate is sufficient.

We can make you an exact offer if you give us a time (month) for treatment.

For Christmas and New Year 2019/2020 we offer a discount of 30% on all treatments. Please register by 30th November 2019.

Use the contact form under contact, you will receive a corresponding offer.

Unfortunately, the health insurance companies in Central and Western Europe do not cover the costs of treatment, in contrast to many other countries.