Patient Reviews

Dear Dr. Menser,
I am very grateful to you and I would like to express this here, for publication. I have now returned home with my son and can hardly believe that there are no signs of his neurodermatitis. We had received so much from our doctor over several years Amciderm ointment, Celestan ointment, Celestamine tablets, Decoderm ointment, Dermatop ointment, Triamgalen solution and some more over the years, but nothing helped, on the contrary it often got worse. And you managed to free my son from his torments in just 16 days. This is incredible and clearly shows me that our health system is not only superfluous, it is simply amateurish and wrong. Our doctors always tried only this and that but nothing helped and you immediately recognized the cause. Why can't all doctors work so conscientiously? Thank you very much for all the information and the psychological help for my son. I notice that you love children.
I wish you and your excellent team all the best and lots of strength to help many more people.
Your Jutta Kretschmer


Dear Viribus Clinic team
It is a great need for me to thank you very much and with all my heart. I was already with you in November, but I wasn't able to write earlier because my husband, who did not want to come to you and absolutely entrusted himself to conventional medicine, has now died. Now I'm rid of my breast cancer, thanks to you, but I've lost my husband. However, I can now write about it and have to. So I myself had to experience painfully what this conventional medicine is really capable of, these doctors drove my husband to death with chemotherapy, heart tablets and other pills, that is perfectly clear to me. The diagnosis by the school doctors was originally a carcinoma of the right kidney and now eight months after this diagnosis he is dead. The bad thing is that this is obviously normal for all friends and acquaintances. These doctors tried everything and now he's dead, done. All of this makes me very angry and also helpless. What is wrong with the people, are they all blind? I will tell as many people about you as possible because you have achieved amazing things with me.
I am absolutely certain that my husband would still be alive today if he had come to your with me, because after all you treated my cancer successfully and it was significantly worse.
Kind regards and many successful treatments for people
Your Gudrun Koch


Dear Team of the Viribus Clinic,

I would like to thank you again for all that you have done for me, special thanks to Dr. med. Menser who understood it fantastically not only to treat me physically, he also integrated so much empathy and has given me, so to speak, the life in every respect new. My cancer has actually disappeared and for that I am deeply grateful to you. Despite all opposition and objections from friends and relatives, I came to you and that was the best decision of my life. Incidentally, the skeptics mentioned are now very meek.

The best regards and also a lot of personal luck

Your Sylvia Packrer


Honored Dr. Menser

I feel the need to write you this reference because you have saved my husband's life. That's exactly how I have to say it correctly. Our doctors had given him up after two chemotherapys, now he is feeling so much better. The last ultrasound showed that the cancer has shrunk by more than 60 percent, all metastases have disappeared and my husband has recovered well. He is thus on the way to recovery. He owes that to you.

I will recommend your clinic at every opportunity.

Thank you and all the best wishes for you and your team.

Monika Gernmaier


Dear Team of the Viribus Clinic,

As promised, I send you here my written thank you for my successful treatment. But even the barely surpassing food must be mentioned, health can also taste, who would have thought. To mention the extraordinary atmosphere the great friendliness of the team and the great view of the more, I will miss all that. My kidney cancer is gone and I'm a new human, it's hard to put into words. I wish the whole team all the luck in the world, they deserve it.

Best regards

Robert Fox