Our treatment guarantee

Especially in Germany, our treatment guarantee is often misinterpreted and viewed with suspicion.

This is understandable, because especially in Germany, for example, the pharmaceutical industry is the most powerful, the entire healthcare sector is pharmaceutical-dictated and the politicians are well paid by the major industries. Many politicians are found, after their term of office, in leadership positions of these industries again.

But the people in Germany do not see it and many do not see through this system. Doctors, clinics, health insurance companies etc. are not interested in people being healed. That is logical, because otherwise all these people would not let themselves be paid by these industries, because no profits would be possible with the illness.

So now, if a clinic gives a treatment guarantee, then most people are overwhelmed with it, because in their system logically no single physician would come up with the idea to give a guarantee for his work. That would be financial suicide. So people are used to it and so they accept it. Dead by wrong treatment, death by misdiagnosis, death by infection, death by pharmaceuticals (worldwide 50 million annually), death by omission, death by narrow limitation of treatment methods, etc. these are the realities, especially in Germany.

We, the doctors of VIRIBUS Clinic, give a guarantee for our work. What does this look like?

We know the causes of diseases and how to treat them. This means that we guarantee that our treatment, using certain natural medicines, restores the function of the disturbed organism, especially the immune system. Only if the organism works properly, it can fight against a disease and eliminate it. This process can be measured and demonstrated, the patient can convince himself, because our patients are integrated into the treatment and take part in the treatment methods and results. They can see for themselves the function of the immune system, they can see for themselves through the microscope and recognize the positive change, for example, of their blood.

So we guarantee that the organism is restored to its proper function, that the organism removes foreign substances, and so on. All this the patient can see for themselves.

We do not guarantee that, for example, a tumor has disappeared in 10 days. But we guarantee that on the one hand the organism is free of foreign substances that had accumulated in the cell tissue and on the other hand that the organism, above all the immune system, is in a state of to fight independently the disease. Therefore, more than 90% of a tumor already shrinks during the treatment, the skin picture improves significantly in skin diseases, an allergy completely disappears, and so on.

For example, a doctor in a healthcare system would never give a guarantee of successful chemotherapy, not even by percentage; on the contrary, more than 96% of doctors would never use it on their own. A doctor in a healthcare system would not even tell you a percentage chance of survival for chemotherapy if he did, then no one would have chemotherapy done.

Of course, we can not provide any guarantee in patients who have previously burdened their organism with cell and organ damaging applications, that goes without saying.

Our clinic is located on an island that is completely free from all negative effects of industrial toxins, chemically contaminated drinking water, chemically contaminated foods, etc. Samal Island is called the island of life and there is a good reason for that. Diseases like those that exist in industrialized countries do not exist here. So there are the best conditions for successful treatments.

We hope that this difference could now be made clear. We are interested in your health and not in profits. Our treatment prices are only cost-covering and do not include profits.

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