First of all, we would like to clearly state that our doctors are classic doctors, i.e. not so-called alternative doctors or doctors for complementary medicine. This term, by the way, is used completely incorrectly anyway, because complementary means complementary. If doctors understand their work, know the organism with all its functions, constantly educate themselves, do root cause research, then they don't have to do anything additional. Unfortunately, today's system doctors are strictly speaking the alternative doctors, namely an alternative to the correct medicine, because most of them are now only pharmaceuticals dealer and pharmaceuticals have nothing to do with medicine, quite the opposite. The reprehensible thing about many of today's "doctors" is that they are no longer willing to think about the correct, real medicine.

Here are some natural plants that are the actual medicine, because the word medicine means exactly that and not about pharmaceuticals.

The disadvantage of plant substances, however, is that they are of no value to industry, because you cannot generate billions of profits with nature.

The following plants have exceptional properties in the treatment of various diseases and exist predominantly exclusively in Southeast Asia and some only in the Philippines. A pharmaceutical cannot replace these active ingredients, because a pharmaceutical consists exclusively of chemical compounds that damage cells and organs and has nothing to do with medicine.


Remedies for ulcers. Also for bronchial diseases, indigestion, mucous membrane diseases of the nose and mouth. Natural anti-diabetic.

Also used as a tonic and for jaundice, infectious diarrhea and skin abscesses. For the treatment of malaria and dysentery as well as a tonic.


For the treatment of neurasthenia and edema.


The roots are used in asthma diseases.

The leaves used to treat malaria.

The leaves and bark, used externally for eczema, used internally for epilepsy.

Also to stimulate the heart muscle and to remove blood congestion.


For relief from cough. Also very effective for treating measles, tuberculosis, chickenpox, and malaria. Also for body pain and stomach pain. Has an antiseptic effect on wound infections. It is used very successfully for colds and fever.

Expressed plant sap against hemorrhoids.


For the treatment of ear, nose and throat disorders. Even with stomach pain.


For bile problems, menstrual and uterine disorders. Also very good for depression. Also a good sedative. As a tonic also for rheumatism, skin diseases and urinary tract diseases. Also with tumors.


With influenza and flu diseases.


Used as an anti-rheumatic, it is also used for symptoms of paralysis. Also used to treat physical weakness, mental confusion, asthma, headache, joint pain and arthritis.


With sprains and bruises, rheumatic bone pain and even against poisonous snake bites. Also in case of tapeworm infestation, rheumatic fever, cough, dizziness, burning skin.


Used for rheumatism and also for skin diseases, also helps against malaria.


Pods that are used as a de-obstructive agent in jaundice and other biliary disorders.

Leaf extract for the treatment of malaria.


For treatment in dysentery. The flowers have an antispasmodic effect. Also calming effect.

Leaf juice as a compress against inflammation and swollen feet.

Immature fruits mixed with olive oil and used externally for neuralgia, rheumatism and arthritis. Very effective against cancer.


Leaves antispasmodic and expectorant.Roots for the treatment of eye diseases. Flower decoction for asthma. Also antiseptic. Also for the treatment of bronchitis, insect and scorpion bites. Also for nausea and vomiting. Good results also for sciatica and back pain. Sheets to aid wound healing.


Helps with infertility, urinary problems, inflammation of the uterus.


For cancer treatment and fatty liver problems.


Oral roots and leaves used to treat gonorrhea.


For the relief of flatulence, fever, and painful gastritis.


For lip and gums for mouth pain and sore throat in children.


Use as a natural insulin replacement. Also used for hepatitis and as sedatives.


For dysentery, hemoptysis, nosebleeds, acute conjunctivitis, cold, fever and headache.

Also for the treatment of nephritis edema, urinary lithiasis and infections, hepatitis, stomach ulcers, headache. Whole plant as an alternative for bile disorders. Also very effective in epilepsy. Also good for rickets. Treatment also supports cancer.

Grated leaves for pain.
Very effective in breast cancer treatments.

African daisy

For the treatment of rheumatism.


Very effective with ulcers. Very supportive for cancer, strengthening of the immune system, especially the plasma cells.


For the treatment of edema, oliguria, ascariasis and constipation.

Good results even with various mental disorders.


Bark for toothache. For the treatment of colic, cramps, malaria, tuberculosis, leprosy and paralysis. Also used as a uterine stimulus and to clean the uterus.

For the treatment of conjunctivitis, also for shingles, ear pain and ear infections.


For the treatment of diabetes mellitus.


Fresh leaves to treat rheumatism. Also for bronchitis, abscesses, tumors.


Blood purifying effect.


For urinary tract infections, lithiasis, kidney edema. Also as a blood tonic and anti-gonorrhea agent.

This was just a tiny extract from a total of more than 800 plants with excellent properties for health. Many of these are used in our treatments. The location of our clinic, Samal Island, is called the green island of life for a reason: The strongest plant substances.