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Samal Island, Camudmud

Davo Del Norte


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Our clinic does not accept patients who have opted for unnatural and unhealthy diets. This concerns especially vegetarians, vegans and also carnivores. Our organism is designed for mixed nutrition, one-sided nutrition harms the whole organism. Especially important is cholesterol, even if the pharmaceutical industry always likes to reduce it with pills. Our cells consist, to a large extent, of cholesterol and a deficiency severely interferes with cell metabolism. Especially the brain cells suffer first, which very quickly causes a negative influence on the frontal lobe. But the immune system also suffers from this one-sided diet. Because of this, our successful treatments are at risk. The fact that so-called livestock are very often not kept correct is beyond question, but this should be the consumer by renouncing meat and sausages from the supermarket boycott, because all these products are very dangerous to health anyway.

We advise every person not to eat one-sidedly! Man wants to constantly change and improve nature, this arrogance has brought us to where we are today unfortunately. Incidentally, this also applies to vaccinations, scientific facts can be requested.
If, nevertheless, people with incorrect nutritional habits register as patients in our hospital, then we will refuse the treatment at the latest in the hospital.