Causes and treatments

You can decide by whom and how you want to be treated:

By doctors who treat only one standard and use predominantly pharmaceutical agents that never eliminate the causes of a disease. In a conventional hospital, which is almost always in a city location and unhealthy air, with loud cleaning trolleys early in the morning, nurse's early visit to distribute the chemical pills, loud carts bring unhealthy meals, multi-bed rooms make nighttime a nightmare, mostly incompetent, arrogant and ignorant doctors who first have to ask the nurse about how the patient feels, bad air and a high risk of infection.

Or you opt for experienced specialists in immunology, cellular-biology, neurology and other specialties, whose goal is your health.

In a clinic under palm trees by the sea, pure air, in a single apartment with direct sea views, natural, fresh and healthy meals, pure, fresh and very healthy spring water, with exceptional fruits and strong herbs. And on an island that is not without reason, called island of life.

Because often misunderstood: We are not a so-called alternative clinic and the doctors are not so-called alternative physicians. The difference to traditional clinics is simply that we are independent of interest groups, the pharmaceutical industry and dictatorial healthcare. Patients benefit from our independent, scientific research and many years of experience in the treatment of all so-called autoimmune diseases, cancer, allergies, cardiovascular diseases etc. Diseases have causes and eliminating these causes is our job.
Our treatment successes are well over 90%.
Our international union includes independent research, treatment and education.

Our treatments begin with the regeneration of the metabolism which is more or less disturbed by all people from industrialized countries. If the metabolism works correctly again, the immune system recovers, because the weakened immune system lets diseases gain the upper hand and they only emerge. In order to ensure that the metabolism and immune system work correctly again, a time of at least three weeks is necessary, better four weeks. During this time, the organism receives only healthy and rich in content meals and very beneficial herbs that thrive exclusively in Southeast Asia and among other things, ensure that certain immune cells, foreign substances that are enriched in the cell tissue, bind and dissipate. Already after approx. 10 days the patients feel better and the illness loses against the now strong organism. It is not rare succeeded for example, a tumor could shrink significantly in less than a week, and at the end of treatment no cancer could be localized. Of course, the way is always individual and one can not make a standard statement, yet our treatments are extremely successful.
This of course also affects all other diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, allergies, skin diseases, asthma, etc., because all these diseases have the same cause, a disturbed metabolism and weakened immune system that can not cope with the many extraneous effects. This is due to many factors, including: chemically contaminated food, contaminated tap water, toxic air, chemicals in personal care products, pharmaceuticals, vaccines contaminated with many chemicals and heavy metals, and we can prove that because we have studied many vaccines , So there are many burdens that weaken the organism and diseases are the result. The only way to successfully treat these diseases is to stop these effects first, that's why our clinic is located in Samal Island and then to bring the organism back to its proper functioning. Pharmaceuticals can not beat disease, on the contrary, these chemicals cause further deterioration. Every year, 50 million people worldwide die from the effects of pharmaceuticals. Nevertheless, Germany is the international leader, just after the US, in the consumption of pharmaceuticals. At the same time Germany has the highest deaths. No context? Then you have to be very blind.
Let's compare the human organism with a body of water into which industrial poisons are constantly being directed. The fish are long dead and the few remaining microorganisms are about to die. Could you save the water by adding another chemical or miracle elixir? Probably not, because first the introduction of industrial toxins has to be stopped (that is why our treatments take place on Samal Island). Afterwards, the microsystem must be able to regenerate and strengthen itself, and only then can the waters protect themselves again. But the introduction of industrial toxins must continue to be stopped.
That's how one can imagine our treatments, of course the human organism is a bit more complex, but basically it's like the water.

Take advantage of our very high treatment successes. Contact us and here.


"The primitive species human!

Real scientific research that looks for actual truth, wants to recognize facts, no matter how they come about, has long ceased to exist. Today's "research" no longer creates knowledge. Today's research only produces results that profit-oriented interest groups would like to have, manipulated facts that do not correspond to reality. There is no highly developed species on this so-called earth, which exists in harmony with nature, also respecting it, in harmony and in cooperation with all humans. A species lives on this earth that is so stupid to kill each other, to destroy nature with the pursuit of power and wealth. This behavior is against all logic and disqualifies this human species to probably the most primitive species in the entire universe. "

Dr. mult. Holger Wolf