Causes and treatments

The causes of diseases
So-called civilization diseases are primarily cancer, diseases of the nervous system such as MS and others, cardiovascular diseases, allergies, skin diseases, etc.
All these illnesses started when industrialization developed, what we know today. It started gradually and today there is hardly anyone with an intact immune system. Cancer is developing like an epidemic and allergies already affect toddlers.
The environmental impact is extremely high, up to 300 thousand toxic microparticles per cm³ are in the air, the drinking water full of so-called heavy metals, chemicals and pharmaceutical residues. The soil is contaminated with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The foods are full of cell-destructive chemicals. Even the furniture and clothes contain very toxic ingredients. No biological organism can withstand this bombardment. The result we see every day in more and more diseases are becoming more and more.

Our treatments
Only eliminating the causes can fight a disease. All these Pharmaceuticals and alternative pills are used to generate huge profits, but positive things do not happen. Or how do you explain that diseases, despite these many pharmaceuticals, are becoming more and more. Especially cancer, cardiovascular diseases, allergies and other autoimmune diseases.
Make a decision that is not only sensible, but the only correct one: Eliminate the causes of your condition, our treatments include just that.
Our clinic is located on an island in the south of the Philippines, away from industry and toxic substances. The air is clean, the food is untreated, the floors are free of chemicals and drinking water is one of the purest in the world.
These are the prerequisites for successful treatments; in Europe, successful treatment is hardly possible. We are almost always able to strengthen the immune system in 14 days so well that it can independently tackle various diseases.
Certain, individual, natural medicines support the treatments. The special climate, the fantastic sea air and seawater do the rest for a successful treatment.
Our doctors are specialists with many years of experience.
Compare the possibilities and you will find that these treatments are not found in Europe, USA and other industrial regions.
We have patients with autoimmune diseases such as cancer, allergies, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, MS and other illnesses, as well as patients in need of rehab treatment, to people who are a little or very burnt out. Also as a prophylactic treatment. Our treatment successes are exceptionally high.

Therefore we are able to give you a guarantee for a successful treatment.

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