Autoimmune diseases

Very successful treatments for cancer, MS, cardiovascular disease, allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases, skin diseases and other autoimmune diseases. All these diseases are constantly increasing, but few people know why. The VIRIBUS clinic is connected to an international scientific research center and knows the causes of these diseases very well. Our specialists are highly qualified with many years of experience, the treatment success is correspondingly high. We are not satisfied with old, unchangeable treatment methods which have hardly any success, such as chemotherapy or other pharmaceutical measures. Our specialists successfully take care of the cause removal. It's not about feeding patients with medications forever. It is our concern to eliminate the cause of the disease and thus to finally end the disease. That should be the goal of every physician, but especially in Europe, even the Hippocratic Oath is now abolished in favor of profits. The philosophy of the VIRIBUS Clinic is different, our focus is on the patient and that will not change in the future.
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