Dear visitor,

our clinic is the most successful in the world because our treatments are carried out by experienced specialists. Another reason for our successful treatments is the independence that provides the only purpose, namely to treat the sick successfully and not to generate profits from him, as is common in all health systems.

A lot of information was previously on our website, but this is now superfluous because the people who want to know it are missing.

Diseases increase from year to year, but what does the majority of sufferers do? They continue to go to health care facilities that only use pharmaceutical products, which ensure that people do not get well and continue to provide profits as patients. Or they go to so-called alternatives that offer worthless and often dangerous miracle products, miracle applications and cell-damaging substances, such as MMS (a dangerous chlorine compound) that has burned the intestines of many children and many other dangerous agents. Many of these human species even believe in magic stones, elves, unicorns, etc. This human species be poisoned by foods containing toxic heavy metals and chemicals, by drinking water that is contaminated with even more toxic substances, by highly toxic air, by toxic Body care products etc. etc.

All of this is already a sign of lost mind, but now the world also believes in a virus staging that is based exclusively on an unproven claim and everyone has a muzzle (face mask) prescribed, locked in at home, with even media-effective advertising from Celebrities who must have completely lost their minds and let people destroy their lives and their livelihoods without any resistance. No one has seen this supposed virus before, but believe in it. Corona infected people are constructed and even cancer deaths are added to the list of supposedly infected people to increase this list. It is hard to believe what so-called people can be manipulated without grasping the slightest logical thought. The only virus that exists must be a special brain virus that eats the brain cells.

This has now clearly shown us that this human species has developed into something that can no longer be called a logical thinking being. The animals have more logical thinking than this retrograde human species, because the animals would not do something like that, after all they don't wear masks, how strange that they still don't die of a virus. This is meant sarcastically, we do not expect a logical conclusion from this sentence, because this species lacks the basis for this: the neural connections that can process this logically, except for a few, but this is the small minority.

It is actually inconceivable that this human species simply does not understand what is actually happening. It is inconceivable that an entire species can be treated like livestock with this trick, humiliated, locked up like cattle and deprived of all natural human rights.

So there is nothing more we can do for this species that had a great chance to make something wonderful out of this planet and to live together with respect in harmony. However, humans have moved so far away from real life and nature that they are no longer natural beings. Primitive greed for power and greed for money, materialism and the inability to draw logical conclusions for the future have caused this species to fail completely. There are only rulers and a stupid livestock that can be treated by these rulers as they please. This livestock, which used to be humans, has turned itself into livestock and only vegetates as a primitive way of life for a small group that has declared itself the owner of this primitive way of life.

We are therefore retreating towards the end of 2020, because another work for a species that engages in common mental and physical suicide makes no sense. Children up to the age of 12 are treated free of charge until the clinic closes, see prices above. However, this life form can already be talked into another pandemic wave.

We have families who deserve our attention more than people who are no longer, we are tired of this primitive species. The few people who have retained their independent thinking will understand it and the large, sluggish crowd will no longer understand it anyway.

Prof. h.c. Dr. mult. Johann Menser / Dr. mult. Holger Wolf / Dr. Evelyn Menser / Dr. Hellen Sievers / Dr. Dr. Jutta Kretschmar / Dr. Marina Mertens