The currently most successful treatments for cancer and other diseases. demonstrably

The VIRIBUS-SCIO Clinic Union is currently the world's most successful Clinic Union in the treatment of the following diseases:

Cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the nervous system, allergies, asthma, vaccine damage, AIDS, thyroid diseases, hormonal disorders, skin diseases, Parkinson's, rheumatism and all autoimmune diseases.

An important note: Our clinic is not profit-oriented, our doctors mostly work on a voluntary basis. Therefore, on the one hand, we can allow ourselves to speak truths directly and we allow ourselves to choose our patients, and choosing this means the exact opposite of profit-oriented clinics. Because we do not treat "Human" from politics, none who work for mainstream media, no People the manipulate people, none who exploit other people in any way. We treat with the greatest success worldwide, but not to generate profits, but rather to help the people who deserve it. However, we expect that after successful treatment, people will also do something for us, because they are doing something for others who also need successful treatment. Very few people will understand this philosophy, but we work for just these few people.

The VIRIBUS clinic includes three treatment areas in one house

Successful treatments for serious diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neuronal diseases such as MS etc., skin diseases, allergies, asthma, reumatic diseases, vaccine damage, organ diseases and other autoimmune diseases.

Rehabilitation treatments, after sports injuries, after operations, burnout etc.

For general regeneration and recovery of the organism in one of the best climatic regions.

You too can benefit from the proven highest treatment success worldwide. This is not an advertising statement, because our clinic is not profit-oriented, it is the result of decades of experience, a high level of specialist knowledge and scientific research.

Many former and now healthy patients are happy to confirm this, because they too want to help other people and that is exactly what it is about and not about profits as is the case in all the health systems that now call themselves the health industry. However, we cannot help many people, it is mostly the people who blindly trust a system that first made them sick and then keeps them sick because of the dear profit. The step to us is not a step into another universe, it is only a step to health and a long life. Do you need a hand? You are welcome to communicate with former and now healthy patients. However, no one can relieve you of your self-responsibility.

Welcome on our sites.

The VIRIBUS clinic was founded by four doctors, specialists in cellular biology, immunology and neurology. All doctors are also members of the research center of the international clinic union.

Our clinic is therefore different from conventional clinics, above all our clinic is independent of any interest groups. This independence, the high level of specialist knowledge of the doctors and at the same time great experience, guarantee the best treatments at the moment. Our treatment success has been proven to be over 90%, and many international awards confirm this.

Our clinic only works to cover costs and is not profit-oriented, so the focus is on the patient and his recovery.

Our clinic is located on an island in the Southeast Pacific of the Philippines with good reason. The best conditions exist in this region such as completely clean and unpolluted air, one of the best and purest drinking water, healthy and content-rich vegetables and fruits, a very supportive climate and the best and strongest plant substances in the world.

So these are the best prerequisites for our successful treatments. In Europe, for example, this high level of treatment success would not be possible. In addition, especially in Europe, the focus is not on the patient but rather on commerce, which is why the European so-called health system now describes itself as a health industry with a high growth rate. So if this healthcare industry has had high growth rates, it logically means that the number of sick people is increasing. In Europe in particular, the patient is a customer who ensures increasing profits.

What is going on especially in Europe, many people cannot or do not want to believe, but it is true and you can assume that this system will not help you. More and more medical professionals, including professors, are now addressing these facts openly, as follows.

Why are diseases such as allergies, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, Alzheimer's, neuronal diseases etc. increasing? Why do people with so-called blood pressure lowerers destroy the natural balance in the organism? Why do people get poisoned with pills? Why do people believe that their health system wants their best?

Because most of humanity is becoming increasingly stupid, that's a scientific fact.

What are the reasons for this?

For one thing, it's because of the completely wrong belief in education. People with school education think they are intelligent. But, education destroys an essential part of human's original, natural intelligence and powers of observation. The majority of what a child has to learn at school is based on assumptions, conjectures, pseudo-facts and also many lies. For example, children are told that petroleum is a fossil fuel, although it has long been proven that petroleum (hydrocarbon) is pushed upward infinitely from the depths of the earth. They are told that the history of evolution went either way. The pyramid blocks were constructed with primitive tools and so on. The child should believe all of this, although there is no way to verify these statements.

Basically, most of what is taught in school is worthless to the child's life. It will not need Latin or higher mathematics and it will never benefit from knowing what Louis the 15th did. 90 percent of the teaching content forget the child's later. However, the real facts that would be important for future life are not taught in school. But it has to believe these unimportant things because they were sold to him as "knowledge". And if the child does not want to accept this knowledge when it doubts the content of the teaching, then it is branded as difficult, stubborn and difficult to educate.

The majority of the "knowledge" imparted at school consists of hearsay and cannot be checked by either teachers or pupils, but it is nevertheless raised to a fixed world view and general knowledge because so-called scientists and experts want it to be so. Later, when the child grows up, he considers himself an enlightened, educated adult. It may even kill for belief in this "education", but it will fight for it and smile at anyone who represents a different paradigm. General knowledge must not be questioned - this is a significant part of the increasing stupidity of humans, because beings who do not question anything simply become stupid.

Another aspect that leads to this stupidity are chemicals that are deliberately supplied to modern humans via worthless food of the lowest quality, water, air, medicines and vaccines. The key word here is the global administration of fluoride and iodine, etc. Chemical substances are used to ensure that the natural development of intelligence and awareness cannot develop its full potential.

The synchronized and centrally controlled media make a further contribution to global stupidity. Television, radio and the daily newspaper claim to serve as information. In truth, however, they are used for propaganda. There is no better tool to control the masses than the media. That was also the reason why media was introduced - to unsettle people, to lie to them on a large scale, to create fear and thus to steer them in any direction. The media relieve people of thinking. Everyone knows that the media are lying, but you still think you are informed and therefore "knowledgeable" when you use the media: "I watched TV, so I know!" - modern people live by this principle. He seems more comfortable believing in lies than searching for true knowledge. He would rather be lied to than be bothered with the truth. Therefore, he becomes more and more stupid.

Conclusion: True knowledge is awareness through experience. Awareness through experience cannot be conveyed through the educational path, because education is a smorgasbord of external knowledge that cannot be checked by the individual. Uncheckable theory is like ignorance because it cannot be experienced as knowledge.

True knowledge as awareness through experience cannot be attained, it is conscious self-experience. A chemically contained neocortex, a chemically restricted prefrontal cortex and a poisoned pineal gland do not allow the inexhaustible potential of intelligence and awareness to fully blossom. It has been proven that the true potential of the brain is only used to less than two percent.

Only a few people manage to oppose this dressage to the lower being and protect their brains from being stupid. You can recognize people of this blow by their indomitability and clarity.

True knowledge as awareness through experience can never be obtained through media, books, films or the like, because true knowledge is always an immediate, individual experience. Accepting unchecked foreign knowledge is ignorance.

Modern man is stupid because all of his so-called sources of knowledge do not come from himself. He has accepted content, memorized it and can deliver it perfectly, but he has not gained this content through immediate, individual experience. It is full of worthless information. He relies on soap bubbles full of hot air and then calls this his knowledge, his intelligence, his education. He speaks of the world without having ever seen and experienced the world itself. Second-hand experience seems to be enough to construct a worldview. He used to ask mom and dad about the world - now he asks his ignorant teacher, the media, Wikipedia or Google.

It starts with the so-called foreign education, which is brought into the brain by strangers as true facts, already in the children. In Germany, for example, this is done under duress (compulsory schooling). If the parents refuse, the children are taken away from them. So manipulation as a coercive measure. A false truth is being conveyed, and people believe, for example, that a health system is interested in getting people healthy, that central tap water is healthy, that pharmaceuticals help against diseases, that the air is clean, that chemically contaminated vegetables are healthy, that a doctor makes his patients healthy, that the government wants only the best for the citizens, that money is a desirable good, that absolute obedience to a government is natural, that it is normal for a small elite group to decide the lives of all other people. Diseases are a profitable business and you make it possible.

Four weeks on his own in nature, completely thrown back on his own perception, without smartphone, without internet, without comfort, without the artificially implied thought "I have to find nature beautiful when I'm outside!" Gain more real knowledge about the world, life and yourself than half a life at school, in front of books, the TV or the Internet.

Modern man is stupid because he is too comfortable, because he is too lazy and too cowardly to search for his own knowledge and intelligence. Modern man is afraid of the truth, so he prefers to be stupid.

This very vividly confirms this crazy virus staging and the associated mask parade, keep your distance, stay at home etc.

Interesting and important information can be downloaded below.

Unfortunately, most medical professionals have chosen the wrong path and are subordinated to a system that does not have the wellbeing of the patient in mind. But more and more doctors and even professors openly speak the truth, as the following statements clearly show.

"Studies that can prove that patients have a greater chance of survival through chemotherapy have never been carried out. All chemotherapy studies only compare new cell toxins with old ones. For most organ cancers, there is no evidence that chemotherapy extends life expectancy or improves the quality of life. The dominance of chemotherapy research could prove to be one of the most serious mistakes in clinical cancer control in the future."
Prof. Ulrich Abel, Heidelberg Cancer Research Center

"There is still no evidence that the most common cancers can be cured with chemotherapy."
Prof. John Cairns, Harvard University

"If I get cancer, I would let me treat in no case in a conventional cancer center. There have only those cancer victims a chance to survive, the stay away from these centers."
Prof. Charles Mathé

"The ultimate reason for resistance to innovation in medicine is always that hundreds of thousands of people live on something that is incurable ..."
Prof. Dr. Friedrich F. Friedmann

Many doctors and people from the medical field therefore come to our clinic for treatment for autoimmune diseases and especially cancer. This should make you think.
Prof. Marc Scott, Head of Bio-pharm San Francisco: "The doctors at the VIRIBUS clinic go the only sensible way in treating cancer, I was able to benefit from it."

With all our knowledge, with our natural plant substances, with our treatments etc. we could generate a lot of money. However:

  • Our information and scientific results are free of charge

  • Our consultations are free of charge

  • All our patients receive our healthy plant substances and more for free for home

  • Our treatment prices only cover costs, i.e. without profits

It may be unusual in today's world, but it's a way of life. Most people are no longer alive, they just work, they work for a system that is exclusively commercial. But that is exactly what is responsible for all these diseases and the rapid increase in them. Unfortunately, very few people understand this. Above all, many people do not understand our philosophy, which is a sign of how much this world has degenerated in the meantime.

We don't allow ourselves to be bent, we don't sell ourselves to interest groups, we stay true to ourselves. Of course, this also means that we cannot expect support, because support only gives people who receive something in return and that we can successfully treat people is not a reason for support for most people, not even if it affects them themselves. This is also a clear sign of how far mankind has moved from life to a merely functioning something.

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Fascia, one of our most important body building blocks, but very few people know it and most medical doctors in the health systems hardly understand anything about it. For this reason, many diseases are often not recognized and therefore not successfully treated. Click DOWNLOAD and you will understand a lot better.

The truth about the B vitamins and especially the so-called vitamin B12 can be downloaded here, click on DOWNLOAD.

Many people believe that so-called nutritional supplements contain real vitamins. This is a dangerous misconception. See the facts here, click DOWNLOAD.

You can see the real ingredients of vaccine sera here. Click DOWNLOAD.

Important information for cancer patients who can save lives:

In general, chemotherapy is used to successfully treat cancer after cancer. Unfortunately, the exact opposite is almost always the case. An American study has now found out why it is chemotherapy that often causes the affected person to die, of all things from cancer. This finding is not new and therefore did not have to be found out again. But better more in knowledge than too little.

The "Spiegel" (German news magazine) wrote: "14 million people worldwide get cancer every year, the number will double by 2013."

Chemotherapy with an average of 10 sessions now costs around 100,000 to 200,000 euros in most countries. With 14 million new cancer cases, one can see the immense profit, that is 100 thousand times 14 million, some calculators fail. So why should the pharmaceutical industry and all other beneficiaries of these profits refrain from this if the forecast even promises double profits?

Cytostatics are special substances, mustard gas from previous mass destruction agents, which are used in chemotherapy for cancer. They are usually administered via infusions, sometimes also taken orally. Cytostatics prevent cell division and cell growth (of all cells).

Depending on the patient's personal resilience and the intensity of chemotherapy, cytostatics also damage the digestive system massively and worsen the blood picture. As a result, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and hair loss as well as anemia with severe fatigue and tiredness accompany many people during chemotherapy, the entire metabolism is considerably disturbed.

But these are the immediate effects of the therapy, which one would gladly accept if it were certain that everything would be fine after chemotherapy. But that is precisely not the case.

Chemotherapy is often an ordeal in itself. But what can come after that is much worse. It has long been known that many cytostatics can cause permanent damage to the heart and are also carcinogenic themselves. The latter is often expressed in the outbreak of leukemia ("blood cancer") and the development of a so-called super tumor. We already had a lot of patients for treatment in our clinic who had exactly that.

But now it also happens that the first chemotherapy works very well for cancer patients. Studies have shown that the tumor shrinks considerably. Unfortunately, this is a fallacy, because a tumor consists of both sick and healthy cells. You probably guessed it, the healthy cells died, but the cancer cells remained, which is the beginning of a super tumor produced by chemotherapy.

The oncologist often says that this can happen and that the tumor has now developed resistance to chemotherapy. Of course, this is utter nonsense, because only the wrong cells have died. Chemotherapy can be compared to a flamethrower that you use uncontrollably in your garden and hopes that it only hits the weeds. The comparison is not entirely correct, in the garden all plants die, but cancer cells are no longer impressed by the highly toxic chemotherapeutic agent. They grow and multiply eagerly. Now other cytostatics and cytostatics combinations are being tried. And even if the cancer is resistant, the intestinal mucosa cells and blood cells are unfortunately not. The patient becomes weaker and weaker, suffers from diarrhea, vomiting, complete exhaustion and not infrequently from severe pain, death is imminent. Cheers to conventional medicine.

The oncologists now say that chemotherapy would have extended the life of the cancer patient a bit, because without chemotherapy he would have died long ago. What a pleasant life with pain, cell death and weakness? Isn't it more logically conceivable that the patient would have lived longer and more comfortably without this devil method? However, it is not uncommon for people in this situation to refuse further treatment and say that they do not value this prolongation of life. The only thing that would have given them chemotherapy was immeasurable suffering.

And now this statement: US scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle / USA discovered in 2012 that chemotherapy even promotes cancer growth.

Who would have thought that? Our research center had found this out 15 years before this statement, now because it comes from the United States, the fact was noticed for the first time, but only superficially and not at all in Europe, because this cancer-promoting chemotherapy is still being used as a supposed remedy touted and the person concerned learns nothing of the great risk, the high deaths and above all nothing about other successful methods. Why is that? Especially Europe is located in the firm grip of the pharmaceutical industry.

Therefore, there can be no question of successful treatment, on the contrary. Cancer has causes, and solving the causes alone leads to success. Our treatment success is over 90%.

Now and then people ask us, who have a certain naivety attached, why not all media report about our treatment success? Our world today is dictated by interest groups that are exclusively profit-oriented. So what would become of the unimaginable profits mentioned if our successes became public? All of today's science is under the control of these interest groups. Who or what the individual now believes is entirely up to him, but with a little logical thinking you can quickly get to the truth. Unfortunately, most people are too lazy to question and get to the bottom of things.

Statement from one of our attending physicians, dr. mult. Johann Menser, Specialist in Immunology and Cellular Biology.

It is damned with the so-called health care in Europe. I just do not want to go into all the corruption, manipulation and corruption, I just want to make a difference that can not show more clearly that people who are in the clutches of this system are at the mercy of never being properly healthy to be able to. Almost 20 years ago, I left Europe and this so-called healthcare system because, as a doctor, I was literally prevented from doing the best for my patients. It is not desired by this system, for example, to give the patient only good tips on how to successfully treat their cold, for example, even without pharmaceuticals. It is not desired by this system to educate the patient about the toxic ingredients of the vaccine sera.

It is not desirable of this system that I discourage the patient from synthetic antibiotics to prevent a resistance of the bacteria. Likewise, this system does not like it when doctors do not receive pharmaceutical representatives, in the doctor's office, and so on and so on.

For almost 20 years now, I treat patients from all over the world on the island of Samal Island, which is not without reason called the Green Island of Life. I am so healthy that it is almost embarrassing. My children, who by the way have never been vaccinated, are equally healthy. My children had little teething problems and these few teething troubles left them almost imperceptible and fast. Why? Because her immune system is not for exemple by aluminum, which is among other things in Impfseren, weakened. Nature or God, depending on what someone believes, has provided us with everything we need to counteract negative impacts.

I would like to ask a question to believers: Do you believe that the God you believe in is flawed and did not construct people correctly, so to speak? Why, then, do you want to improve your work by, for example, injecting your children with a serum that is supposed to improve the perfect immune system? Same question for non-believers: Do you think that nature needs to be constantly improved? What happens when a person wants to play God or improve nature should have been seen and understood by more than everyone.

Of course, all this does not only concern vaccines, but also all other pharmaceuticals, the toxic components in tap water, the toxic ingredients in "food" (E numbers), the toxic components in furniture, toxic components in personal care products, drinks, etc. And not to forget the now very toxic air in all industrialized countries.

Why are illnesses increasing more and more while at the same time the sales of the pharmaceutical companies are rising steadily? Should not it be the other way around if pharmaceuticals really help? What has happened to humans, apparently, that they are so blind today and do not see the real causes of all the diseases? In the industrialized countries, especially in Europe and the US, even the pets are getting cancer, allergies and other diseases. Is not that something to think about?

Especially in Europe, people are treated like underage children, but people allow it. They are given a health insurance as a duty, but the treatments are prescribed to them, but for the most part are unsuccessful. That too should be thoughtful. I am often speechless about people accepting all that when it comes to their health and their lives.

Once I had compiled a questionnaire, the questions contained would have any medical doctor who has completed only a basic study, can easily answer. Would you like to guess what the result looked like after this questionnaire was submitted to some of these "doctors"? 46 "physicians" were only able to answer correctly about 12% of the questions, 32 "physicians" were only able to answer about 20% of the questions correctly, a further 21 respondents "physicians" failed completely. How can that be? The answer is simple: you do not learn it anymore. Does not that scare you?

I am happy to provide you with this questionnaire and you are welcome to confront your doctor.

From year to year, university education is becoming more and more limited to merely combatting symptoms with pharmaceuticals. The problem is that today it is a pure business and it is also unabashedly referred to as the health industry and the "health system" (disease system) is pleased with rising profits.

I refuse to be part of this system because I chose my job for one reason only: to help sick people and if I am the last exotic in this world, I will not sell myself to this unscrupulous and inhumane industry. The same applies to my colleagues. We are available to people, not industries or their stakeholders!

However, there is another power against which it is almost hopeless to fight. Here is the following quote: "Ignorance is the invincible power on earth." (Anselm Feuerbach)

Thank you for your attention.

Dr. mult. Johann Menser

We would like to give you a little insight into how powerful nature is on our island. A small section of the plants we use in the treatments and what these plants do can be seen here.

Or click on the picture on the left.

Today's so-called health care system, ie the system that starts with the pharmaceutical industry via clinics, pharmacies, doctors, specialist journals, so-called counseling centers, politics, etc., is a profit system. On the one hand, doctors do not have the time to make a reasonable anamnesis and get to the bottom of the causes, it's about quantity and not quality, because the doctor has to make money on the patient. On the other hand, the medical students for many decades no longer learn what is important to know diseases and their cause. The dilemma of a society built solely on profit.

Furthermore, there is a high dependence of the doctors on these interest groups who make very large profits on sick people, so the doctor can not help but swim along.

Our clinic is outside of this dependency and is therefore free. The result is that our doctors can take care of the patients intensively and in fact our doctors do this personally and not just a nurse or even an assistant, as usual in conventional clinics. Furthermore, our doctors are highly qualified and have decades of experience. And all our doctors are active members in the international research center of the Clinical Union and therefore always up to date with the free research. The results of this are treatment successes of over 90%, so these successes have decisive reasons.

Another crucial difference is that our clinic does not operate on a profit-oriented basis, but merely covers the real costs. In addition, we can offer benefits for low-income earners. This is especially true for Central and Western Europe, in these regions the health insurance funds unfortunately do not cover our treatment costs. The basic is that the European health insurance in Dependance of the Pharma Industry. In many other international regions, the health insurance funds cover our treatment costs without any problems.

We are also happy to treat you, send us your health problem here.

Most people make a crucial mistake, they are looking for a cure or miracle cure. This is a thought mistake, because such a thing never existed and will not exist in the future. Neither pharmaceuticals nor so-called alternative remedies can defeat disease. This is also obvious, because diseases have a cause. So it can not be expected that this eternal symptom control by pharmaceuticals or alternative means leads to success. Only eliminating the causes can fight a disease. All these resources are used to generate huge profits, nothing more happens. Or how do you explain that despite all these remedies, illnesses are getting more and more, especially cancer, cardiovascular disease, allergies and other autoimmune diseases.

Make an important decision that is not only sensible, but the only correct one: get rid of the causes of your illness, our treatments include just that.

Best treatment success

Our successes confirm this combination.

Patients come to us after surgery, after chemotherapy, after a transplant, etc., but also for general regeneration or prophylactically.

We also have patients who suffer from autoimmune disease, such as allergies, respiratory diseases, cancer, lung diseases, asthma, diseases of the nervous system such as MS and others, skin diseases such. As neurodermatitis, nervous stomach or intestine and many other diseases.

We also have patients who just want to have their organism rebuilt, to optimize cell function and recharge their batteries.

The pleasant climate on Samal Island and the completely clean air are prerequisites for successful treatments. But oso the natural, powerful and completely chemical-free foods contribute to a successful treatment. All these optimal conditions do not exist in Europe and all other industrialized countries.

Our clinic is located on the seafront with its own beach, the clean sea air does wonders, especially in previously weakened immune system and allergies. The patients receive their own beachfront house with terrace, families an apartment with sea view and large terrace.

Why are diseases, especially cancer, cardiovascular diseases and allergies, so rapidly increasing? Responsible for this are many toxic influences that humans are exposed to in the industrialized countries, because only in industrialized countries is this development present.

It is the air that is contaminated with up to 300 thousand toxic microparticles per m³. The ingredients are aluminum, barium, strontium, cadmium, beryllium, lithium and even vanadium. These substances are partially deposited in the cell tissue and not only cause disturbances in the immune system, they also cause the diseases mentioned, especially cancer. But we also find other sources of pathogenic substances. The central drinking water contains many toxic chemicals, pharmaceutical residues and also heavy metals. The industrially produced "foods" contain many toxic chemicals as well as heavy metals. Personal care products contain a great deal of toxic chemicals, but detergents for cleansing are also pure chemical bombs. But the ever increasing use of pharmaceuticals attacks the immune system and the organs that fail later.

In the industrialized countries, mainly Europe, USA and especially also Eastern Russia, most diseases exist, an intact immune system can not be found in any human being from these regions, we have investigated it.

Would it therefore make sense to run a clinic that deals with precisely these diseases in these industrial areas? Hardly, because if the organism continues to be exposed to all these negative influences during treatment, successful treatment can not take place.

Let's compare the human organism with a river, a river into which ever-toxic industrial toxins are directed. What is needed first to save the river? Right, first the introduction of these poisons must be stopped, otherwise one can not start reviving the microorganisms of the river, it would not work.

Now you'll understand why our clinic is located in the Philippines on the island of Samal Island. The Philippines has hardly any industry, the climate is excellent for regenerating the cells and organs, the sun provides enough vitamin D, the special sea air is a gift for the lungs, the pure drinking water and the natural and above all unencumbered food incl Fruits, vegetables, fish and meat can hardly be found in other regions.

That's why our treatments are so successful. Of course, also based on the results of our own research.

Our doctors are specialists in immunology, biology and neurology with many years of experience. The success of the treatment of our clinic speaks for itself, so far it has never happened that the health of a patient has not improved significantly, in most cases, a complete cure could be achieved.

The real causes of diseases, especially cancer, are very well known to us and that's why our treatments are designed to fight the causes. The great successes of these treatments are due to it.

Contact us, we are happy to help.