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The VIRIBUS clinic specializes in cancer, allergies, asthma, skin diseases, AIDS, vaccine damage, cardiovascular disease and all autoimmune diseases.

Our international doctors are specialists in immunology, cellular biology, neurology and other specialties, with many years of experience.

The VIRIBUS clinic was founded by four physicians of immunology, cellular biology, plant biology and neurology. The VIRIBUS Clinic is affiliated to the International Clinic Union and all physicians are members of the international, independent research center of the Union.

The particular difference to most clinics is the independence of any interest groups such as healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. This independence ensures a completely different treatment of the patients, because our doctors are not bound by profit-oriented guidelines, so there are no conflicts of interest. More precisely, this means that the patient is the center of attention rather than the profit. This independence ensures treatments that serve the well-being of the patient, that is quality, not quantity.

Our treatment successes confirm this path, they are over 90%.

In conventional medicine, patients are quickly referred to as incurable, the usual standard treatments are performed, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer and if they do not work, then the patient is told that now everything was done what was possible and the patient is left to itself. Over 80% of the patients who come to us fared so. But the most crucial difference to most clinics is that we do not limit ourselves to symptom treatment, but rather to fighting the causes of disease, because that's the only way to treat a disease successfully.

Now we are often asked if we are a so-called alternative clinic, that's not the case, all our doctors are classical doctors, however, with special education, experience and scientific background.

We treat patients from many countries, our treatment successes are internationally known and our scientific research, studies and insights are highly appreciated.

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                              Serious diseases, rehabilitation treatments, prophylactic treatments.

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An example of cancer: Two major causes cause cancer, on the one hand by a disturbed immune system that causes certain immune system immune cells to attack not only invaders but also the body's own cells. On the other hand, cancer is caused by foreign substances such as heavy metals, chemical substances, aluminum, etc., these foreign substances are deposited in the cell tissue and produce cancer. Naturally, conventional medicine also knows this, but nevertheless conventional medicine only offers treatments that further weaken the immune system, such as: B. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Of course this can not work and it does not work in the past. But why are these useless and mostly deadly therapies applied? The answer is simple: for money, more profit. It's about to make a profit with sick people., imagine pharmaceutical applications and products that would defeat diseases, and then where would profits go. No one in your health system, is interested in that you are healthy. It is important to understand that!

We do not like healing the word, because no one can heal another person. This can only be done by the organism itself. We make the organism do it. It's easy and basically it's easy. But complicated-sounding pharmaceuticals, organism-damaging applications such as computed tomography (CT), MRI, etc., suggest technical size and progress. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Worldwide, 50 million people worldwide die each year as a result of pharmaceuticals and the applications of supposedly helping technologies.

Man is a natural, biological organism. Standardizing this organism never worked. But the entire health system wants to standardize people. People are treated with organism-damaging measures, but that has never worked. This is proven by the rapid rise of diseases, especially cancer. Our treatment successes are very high, well over 90%, so we give a guarantee for our treatments.

Why do other clinics give no guarantee if, for example, chemotherapy should be so successful? Think about it.

Details about the treatments and treatment guarantee can be found here.

The best treatments success at the moment

The Viribus Clinic includes several types of treatment

  • Treatment for autoimmune diseases, especially cancer, MS, allergies & more.

  • Rehab clinic

  • Wellness and spa clinic

This triple combination in a clinic is unique and trendsetting. Especially nowadays, one can no longer offer only one specialization, because the causes of diseases are manifold and flow into a broad spectrum of necessary treatments and measures. Nowadays, it is important not only to treat the symptoms but to start with the causes and to allow the patient, with a variety of applications, optimal regeneration and recovery. So we do not limit ourselves to the treatment of symptoms as we get to the root causes and eliminate them, this is the only way to successfully treat a disease or a disorder of the organism, energy loss , etc.

Cancer is becoming the number one disease, closely followed by cardiovascular diseases, allergies, asthma, skin diseases and other autoimmune disorders. Treatments are moderately to ineffective and doctors can not think of anything more than prescribing pharmaceuticals.

But it also works differently and above all, successfully. The Viribus Clinic proves it every day. All of these illnesses have a specific cause, and this is exactly the secret of our successful treatments. The Viribus Clinic does not just treat the symptoms. The Viribus clinic eliminates the causes of diseases! On the side of the Viribus clinic stands an independent research institute, which has been conducting intensive medical research for several decades. This symbiosis and treatment method is so successful that over 90% of patients, after treatment, are well again. As unbelievable as it sounds, it is logically understandable. Only treating the symptoms has never been successful. A rethinking in the entire medicine is therefore necessary. The Viribus Clinic has already completed this rethink and therefore offers the most successful treatments worldwide.

You want to get well? Then contact us.

Why you can never get well in your "healthcare" system and why we can help you is explained in this movie.

Most people make a crucial mistake, they are looking for a cure or miracle cure. This is a thought mistake, because such a thing never existed and will not exist in the future. Neither pharmaceuticals nor so-called alternative remedies can defeat disease. This is also obvious, because diseases have a cause. So it can not be expected that this eternal symptom control by pharmaceuticals or alternative means leads to success. Only eliminating the causes can fight a disease. All these resources are used to generate huge profits, nothing more happens. Or how do you explain that despite all these remedies, illnesses are getting more and more, especially cancer, cardiovascular disease, allergies and other autoimmune diseases.

Make an important decision that is not only sensible, but the only correct one: get rid of the causes of your illness, our treatments include just that.

Best treatment success

Our successes confirm this combination.

Patients come to us after surgery, after chemotherapy, after a transplant, etc., but also for general regeneration or prophylactically.

We also have patients who suffer from autoimmune disease, such as allergies, respiratory diseases, cancer, lung diseases, asthma, diseases of the nervous system such as MS and others, skin diseases such. As neurodermatitis, nervous stomach or intestine and many other diseases.

We also have patients who just want to have their organism rebuilt, to optimize cell function and recharge their batteries.

The pleasant climate on Samal Island and the completely clean air are prerequisites for successful treatments. But oso the natural, powerful and completely chemical-free foods contribute to a successful treatment. All these optimal conditions do not exist in Europe and all other industrialized countries.

Our clinic is located on the seafront with its own beach, the clean sea air does wonders, especially in previously weakened immune system and allergies. The patients receive their own beachfront house with terrace, families an apartment with sea view and large terrace.

Why are diseases, especially cancer, cardiovascular diseases and allergies, so rapidly increasing? Responsible for this are many toxic influences that humans are exposed to in the industrialized countries, because only in industrialized countries is this development present.

It is the air that is contaminated with up to 300 thousand toxic microparticles per m³. The ingredients are aluminum, barium, strontium, cadmium, beryllium, lithium and even vanadium. These substances are partially deposited in the cell tissue and not only cause disturbances in the immune system, they also cause the diseases mentioned, especially cancer. But we also find other sources of pathogenic substances. The central drinking water contains many toxic chemicals, pharmaceutical residues and also heavy metals. The industrially produced "foods" contain many toxic chemicals as well as heavy metals. Personal care products contain a great deal of toxic chemicals, but detergents for cleansing are also pure chemical bombs. But the ever increasing use of pharmaceuticals attacks the immune system and the organs that fail later.

In the industrialized countries, mainly Europe, USA and especially also Eastern Russia, most diseases exist, an intact immune system can not be found in any human being from these regions, we have investigated it.

Would it therefore make sense to run a clinic that deals with precisely these diseases in these industrial areas? Hardly, because if the organism continues to be exposed to all these negative influences during treatment, successful treatment can not take place.

Let's compare the human organism with a river, a river into which ever-toxic industrial toxins are directed. What is needed first to save the river? Right, first the introduction of these poisons must be stopped, otherwise one can not start reviving the microorganisms of the river, it would not work.

Now you'll understand why our clinic is located in the Philippines on the island of Samal Island. The Philippines has hardly any industry, the climate is excellent for regenerating the cells and organs, the sun provides enough vitamin D, the special sea air is a gift for the lungs, the pure drinking water and the natural and above all unencumbered food incl Fruits, vegetables, fish and meat can hardly be found in other regions.

That's why our treatments are so successful. Of course, also based on the results of our own research.

Our doctors are specialists in immunology, biology and neurology with many years of experience. The success of the treatment of our clinic speaks for itself, so far it has never happened that the health of a patient has not improved significantly, in most cases, a complete cure could be achieved.

The real causes of diseases, especially cancer, are very well known to us and that's why our treatments are designed to fight the causes. The great successes of these treatments are due to it.

Contact us, we are happy to help.