Corona The truth

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for a long time we had provided intensive information about this corona virus taging. However, it has now been shown very clearly that almost nobody understands both this and the entire virus history and does not want to know either. We cannot want to give knowledge to anyone if this knowledge is not accepted. Therefore, we save this effort and only give a summary below for those who still want to know. People who only get information about TV, newspapers, Facebook etc. should not read on now.

Strictly speaking, it is not at all necessary to name the facts about this and viruses in general, because the normal school knowledge about biology and physics and some logical thinking should be enough to know that some things may not be right. However, the majority of people obviously prefer to believe in total nonsense simply because it is shown and told to them from all directions. But lending a quote from Prof. L. Dayeng: "If you want to see the truth, you have to say goodbye to opinions."

Or one of Alfred Polgar: "It is much easier for people to believe a lie that they have heard a hundred times before than a truth that is completely new to them."

It is urgent time for people to start thinking independently and not always just accepting opinions that are strewn into the troughs like feed for farm animals.

Don't be manipulated, think independently!

  1. The word virus comes from the Latin and means poison in enlish, as Louis Pasteur called it and set up the theory that there should be something that is so small that it cannot be found. He had just made an unproven claim. Today, 125 after the death of Louis Pasteur, this theory has remained unchanged, also without proof. Nobody has ever been able to find, isolate and show a virus. All of these representations are merely graphics or computer animations. There are no images directly from the microscope and the few that existed later turned out to be fakes, they were just cells, animal and plant cells. Many people are surprised at this fact, but only because they have never asked questions before.

  2. The interest groups that made big profits from this virus theory then agreed on an assumed size of viruses between 15 and 400 nanometers, which is not much larger than an atom. When you created this size at the time, you were certain that, for example, atoms can never be made visible and thus nobody can invalidate virus theory, because what you cannot see cannot be refuted. Children's logic, but people had accepted it. Now it is possible to make atoms visible with special microscopes, but viruses can still not be shown. This fact should actually make you think and make you skeptical, but far from it, nobody thinks or asks questions.

  3. The virus myth is a money printing machine for certain industries and these industries are also the most powerful in our time. It's about vaccines that don't contain dead viruses, like if you can't find them because they're supposed to be so tiny. With an unproven theory, unimaginably high profits are generated and all of humanity accepts this without asking a single question. It is about such big profits that hardly anyone can imagine and therefore it is important not only to maintain this myth, it is about expanding these huge profits even further. How can you do that? With a mandatory vaccination that has been introduced worldwide. Of course, a staging with fear must take place beforehand, this staging must be so large that no one doubts it. So all governments of the UN member states are obliged to take part in a virus staging with measures that are so drastic that everyone does not want them again. All that has to be said now is that if we introduce a worldwide mandatory vaccination, something like this will not happen again and all people will not only accept this, they will even ask for a mandatory vaccination. Hooray and again it was realized to tell people a fairy tale and thereby get huge profits.

  4. The initiators who work on behalf of the industries are the UN and the WHO. Most people do not know who these two organizations really are and what their real task is. The UN was founded by the Rockefeller consortium in order to be able to control and bind the states better industrially, at that time it was mostly about the enforcement of the global oil production account, OPEC plays a decisive role here, because all UN member states must automatically become members be the OPEC. OPEC determines the entire oil business and it is not just about the prices, it is also about the production quantities that are specified in order to keep the prices as high as possible. The WOH (World Health Organization) is the child of the UN and represents the other industry, the pharmaceutical industry. All of these organizations have omnipotence and are above the law. All states that are members of the UN have committed themselves to follow any instructions, even if this endangers their own economy or puts their own people in a dangerous situation. There should already be an outcry here, because nobody can be above the law. But there is no outcry because the mass of people do not even know these facts because they are not interested in them.

  5. So how can vaccinations protect against something that cannot be found because it is so small? Not at all! Logically, therefore, there are no dead viruses in the vaccine sera, just like that. There were and still are vaccinations against other microbes, the theory being that by inoculating dead microbes, the immune system remembers them and is then prepared for a real infection and the course of the disease is faster. Unfortunately, this is just a theory that does not work, because the immune system does not recognize these microbes as what they were once alive and only removes them as general foreign substances. This has been known for many decades, but is simply ignored in favor of profits. However, in order to simulate a vaccine reaction, toxic substances are put into the vaccine sera that put a heavy burden on the immune system and cause corresponding reactions such as fever, vomiting and more. The parents of the vaccinated children believe this comes from the fact that the immune system is fighting against these dead viruses, unfortunately a fatal mistake with significant health consequences and deaths. The exact number is approximately 20 million dead children annually, worldwide through vaccinations.

  6. The specified measures against an alleged virus infection very logically confirm this fake: A virus should only have a size that is slightly more than that of an atom, including an oxygen atom that can easily pass through these masks. Otherwise the wearer of such a mask would suffocate. So how useful are these masks if this virus really existed? There are curfews in many countries, but the biological fact is that microbes are killed by UV radiation, i.e. sunlight. So why all these nonsensical measures?

  7. The tests are similarly nonsensical, because it is not looking for a virus, it does not work because, according to the theory, the virus is so small and undetectable. So what is being tested? Biological nonsense, it starts with a laser temperature measuring device with which the temperature of the skin is measured, "very scientifically". Then, when the temperature of a person's skin, perhaps from the sun, is slightly higher, another test is carried out in which an immune reaction is measured, which, however, can be for harmless reasons and does not have to have anything to do with an infection, ours Immune system is always active. There are other, similarly nonsensical methods of investigation, but not one of them searches and finds the virus because it is so unspeakably small. So this entire virus theory is just an unproven claim with no understandable facts. If your neighbor claimed to have seen a UFO, would you believe this story? But claims that come from above and are spread through industry-dependent media are logical for you and do not require any further examination, no matter how illogical.

These are the scientific facts that most people do not know and do not want to know because the idea that everything is fine and all the industries and of course the governments want only the best is more convenient for people. Nevertheless, it remains a fact! What you make of it is up to you, you will probably ignore it or even doubt it, which is very likely, because the current Corona story shows this very clearly, people no longer think, the result of this indifference then becomes the introduction be vaccinated worldwide.

Responsibility for this and other human rights violations rests with people who ignore all of this and remain inactive.

Incidentally, the Association of Independent Physicians, in conjunction with some sponsors, has tendered 500 thousand US dollars for people who can detect a Coroa virus under a microscope. As a reminder, atoms can be made visible and they are marginally smaller than a so-called virus. So far, nobody wanted to earn this large sum. Ask yourself why.

The following maps show the alleged spread of this virus. The origin is said to have been in China, but all the Asian countries do not have a lot of illnesses, some that are not members of the UN even none. So the countries that have the most contact with China and are in the immediate vicinity have hardly any infections, but countries that have less contact with China and are thousands of miles away from China have a lot of infections. How do you explain that? The viruses flew to Europe with a helicopter, for example, because there is a pure focus of infections in Europe.

Few infections in Asia and Russia, but many in Europe. If this virus were to exist, this method of distribution would be completely impossible.

"You can live in a dictatorship and still be free, on one condition: you have to fight the dictatorship. The person who uses his head for independent thinking and whose heart remains incorruptible is free. The person who fights for what seems right to him is free. On the other hand, in the most democratic country on earth you can be unfree if you are cowardly, ignorant and lazy inside. "
Ignazio Silone, Italian writer and politician